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Abbott Ireland is proud to support the publication of Truly Tasty.

Truly Tasty is a unique cookery book, containing recipes specifically created for people following a renal diet and which have been expertly compiled by Valerie Twomey. The recipes were created by Ireland’s top chefs and have been meticulously analysed by dietitians from the Renal Interest Group of the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute. Truly Tasty offers easily accessible tasty recipes for renal patients and their families. It provides inspiring recipes and a fresh take on meals for those following a renal diet.

Abbott has a long and proud history in Ireland of producing medicines, diagnostic equipment and nutritional products. Our first site opened in Dublin in 1946 and since then, we have grown to become one of Ireland’s largest employers with sites located in Tipperary, Cavan, Donegal, Longford, Mayo, Cork, Sligo and Dublin.

The Abbott renal care business contains a range of products for the care and treatment of people living with Kidney disease. These products range from laboratory diagnostic equipment to nutritional supplements and medication. Abbott Renal Care is continually committed to improving the lives of people living with kidney disease and we have many supportive programmes for people living with kidney disease, including the provision of specially designed travel bags for people to use during their regular dialysis appointments to food and fluid diaries, for dietary monitoring.

Truly Tasty will be another invaluable support to people living with kidney disease in Ireland and we are delighted to support it.

We would like to take this opportunity to especially thank Valerie Twomey who has put such a huge amount of time, energy and enthusiasm into developing this book.

Truly Tasty is a credit to everyone who has been involved. We hope you enjoy trying out these tasty and imaginative recipes for yourself. Happy cooking!

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“The Bosch Domestic Appliances team are very proud and delighted to be associated with Ireland’s first cook book written specifically for adults with chronic kidney disease and on dialysis. Val Twomey has undertaken a remarkable project in bringing this book Truly Tasty to life and it is very easy to be affected by the energy and enthusiasm she brought to the project. We wish her well and every success with Truly Tasty” - Donal Moulton, Marketing Manager Bosch

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Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute

The Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI) has welcomed the publication of the ‘Truly Tasty’ cookbook, a unique cookery book for adults living with kidney disease in Ireland. All recipes contained in the book have been vigorously analyzed by highly qualified renal dietitians and members of the INDI’s ‘renal interest group’ ensuring that all information is nutritionally and medically correct. The recipes created by some of Ireland’s top chefs, uses the INDI’s specialized coding system based on the INDI renal diet sheet for educating adults with chronic kidney disease and those on dialysis in Ireland.

The Cookbook features over 100 recipes developed by some of Irelands top chefs and will enable those living with kidney disease to cook perfect special occasion meals that will help them to stay within their dietary requirements.

Speaking on the book, Margot Brennan, INDI stated “the renal diet is a very important component of a patient’s treatment plan and will be developed by a dietitian on an individual basis. The Dietitian is a key member of the multidisciplinary team and their ongoing in put will be crucial to maintaining the patients well being and preventing further deterioration of their condition.”

Treating people with kidney disease can impose severe dietary restrictions on them and providing variety can be very challenging. The aim of the diet is to provide balanced nutritional intake whilst preventing the buildup of waste products in the blood. Each person is unique and a dietary plan will depend on the person’s body size, age, the amount of kidney function remaining and other medical conditions they may have.

“Early intervention and ongoing monitoring by a dietitian can not only improve a patients well being and quality of life but May also help to slow down the progression of their disease” says Margot Brennan INDI. “Patients with Stage 3 kidney disease should be referred to a dietitian for assessment and ongoing monitoring”.

This cookbook will not only help people living with kidney disease to enjoy a more varied diet but it will also help increase awareness amongst the general public re the importance of carrying a donor card.

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Apply for a donor card here.

Irish Kidney Association

The Irish Kidney Association (IKA) was formed in 1978 by patients for patients and their families. The IKA provides help to people newly diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease, as well as those receiving treatment. The IKA’s patient support is unique in that it comes from a group of people who really understand the challenges encountered when living with end-stage kidney disease.

Members can receive assistance in the form of information through a range of publications on kidney disease such as complimentary patient manuals and Support, the quarterly IKA magazine. In addition, educational seminars on various aspects of kidney disease are organised. The association recognises the importance of psychological and financial support at a traumatic period in a patient’s life, and offers counselling services. Financial patient aid is also available in emergencies to cover costs such as electricity, telephone, clothing and travel.

The IKA is a national association with branches throughout Ireland offering peer support. It is the only voluntary organisation working solely in the interest of patients with end-stage kidney disease.

Today, there are almost two million people worldwide living with failed kidneys. Onethird are transplanted and two-thirds are undergoing dialysis treatment – there are two forms of dialysis: “haemodialysis” (the most common form) and “peritoneal dialysis”.

The development of the haemodialysis machine in the 1950s and 1960s, followed by the development of kidney transplantation, for the first time offered an effective treatment for individuals affected by end-stage kidney disease. The first dialysis machine, also known as the artificial kidney, was invented by a Dutch doctor, Willem J. Kolff. His first successful dialysis treatment took place in 1945, in a rural hospital in the town of Kampen in the Netherlands. These treatments have continued to improve over the years, with the advancement of medical technologies and the discovery of immunosuppressive drugs to prevent organ rejection. Continued research is vital and an important additional purpose of the IKA is to support, encourage and promote research into the incidence, prevention and treatment of kidney disease, fostering a better understanding and knowledge of this major health problem through public and professional awareness programmes.

As a voluntary body, the IKA depends mainly upon fundraising to meet its major commitment to financing medical research, public education, meeting the needs of people living with kidney disease and to distributing organ donor cards nationally. The IKA organises national donor awareness campaigns four times a year and works tirelessly to promote public awareness all year round through national advertising campaigns and the like. The IKA recognises the importance and value of promoting a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and sport. Consequently, a sports programme was established, open to all people on dialysis and organ transplant recipients.

More and more people are in need of dialysis treatment every year, so they must face not only the challenge of the treatment but also a dramatic change in lifestyle. Adhering to the renal diet brings a further challenge – but help is at hand. With this unique book, Valerie Twomey has worked with Ireland’s best chefs and the top renal dietitians in the country to produce an inspirational cookery book complete with recipes that adults on a renal diet can enjoy for special occasions. - MARK MURPHY, Chief Executive

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European Transplant & Dialysis Games

European Transplant & Dialysis Games, Dublin, Ireland, 2010. Regular exercise and an appropriate diet play an important part in living a healthy life. People who are pre-dialysis or already receiving dialysis treatment are acutely aware of the role of diet when it comes to maintaining one’s health.

Participation in regular sport can also play a part in promoting good health as it helps in weight control, strengthening bones and muscles and there are great social and psychological benefits to be gained also.

The Irish Kidney Association is hosting the 6th European Transplant & Dialysis Games in Dublin from August 8th – 15th this year. This will be an opportunity for people on dialysis and transplant recipients from across Europe to come together to celebrate life through sport. The Games offer a great incentive to people to take up regular participation in sport as there is a goal for which people can prepare.

The social and psychological benefits of involvement in sports are well known. Those who have been to Games in the past are looking forward to meeting old friends and everyone is looking forward to broadening their horizons and meeting new people. There will be hundreds of people in Dublin for the Games and each and every one of them will have an amazing story to share. - Colin White, Chairman & Games Manager

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