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Feature Articles

Richie Wilson, Catherine Fulvio & John McKenna
Richie Wilson, Catherine Fulvio & John McKenna

Lizzie Gore Grimes, Orla Broderick, Val & John McKenna
Lizzie Gore Grimes, Orla Broderick, Valerie Twomey
& John McKenna

Rory O'Connell
Rory O'Connell

Book image 1

Book image 3

Book image 3

"Half the cookbooks tell you how to cook the food and the other half tells you how to avoid eating it. This is not the case of the Truly Tasty cook book. It is written by real people with real chefs. It is powered by great passion and love. I am so proud to be associated with this book." - Noel McMeel, Executive Head Chef, Lough Erne Resort

"The Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI) is delighted that Truly Tasty has finally come to fruition. It is a triumph to all those involved in bringing this fantastic cookbook together. Good nutrition is vital for all of us to keep healthy and for someone with kidney disease the renal diet is a core factor in keeping well. Truly Tasty will allow people with kidney disease to plan that special meal with ease and confidence." - The Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI)

Speaking on the book, Margot Brennan, INDI stated “the renal diet is a very important component of a patient’s treatment plan and will be developed by a dietitian on an individual basis. The Dietitian is a key member of the multidisciplinary team and their ongoing in put will be crucial to maintaining the patients well being and preventing further deterioration of their condition.” - Margot Brennan, PRO, The Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI)

"Producing Truly Tasty has been an unforgettable experience for me. Throughout the project I was overwhelmed by the generosity of people who gave so much of their time and expertise to the book. I couldn't have done it without them and now we have a unique Irish cookery book for Irish adults living with kidney disease with recipes that are perfect for them to enjoy on special occasions and family gatherings while staying within the renal diet guidelines. The book is packed full of truly tasty meals that can be enjoyed by the rest of the family and friends too. Enjoy and Happy cooking!" - Valerie Twomey, Founder of Truly Tasty

"The forensic detail involved in producing this accurate Renal Diet Book is invisible to the naked eye. This book has achieved something that I would have said was the impossible. It has succeeded in making the Renal Patient Diet attractive. The combination of the expert Chefs culinary flare within strict nutritional guidelines, and food photography of the highest quality all with Valerie Twomey’s drive for excellence has produced a new world standard of Cooking Book for Renal Patients." - Mark Murphy, Chief Executive, Irish Kidney Association

"This is a remarkable book. Remarkable not just in its concept but in the way that it contains the thoughts and hard work of so many of our best chefs. And also in the way that it underlines how dietary restrictions can amount to an exciting challenge rather than a negative hurdle.
The people whose recipes appear here have one thing in common. They see good food as something to be celebrated, as an integral part of living life to the full. I am hugely impressed, as I am sure you will be too, by the way in which they have responded to the dietary challenges that face people for whom kidney disease is part of daily life.
This is a book that will bring joy into the lives of people who may have felt deprived of some familiar comforts in the kitchen - because it underlines how much pleasure there can be in a diet low in salt, phosphates and potassium.
It’s also a beautiful book and not just because of the delicious images it contains. The beauty lies also in the generosity of the people who have put so much time and thought into its production. Truly Tasty is truly a remarkable achievement." - Tom Doorley, Food & Wine Writer

"Truly Tasty is a beautiful cookbook, it’s a tale of passion from top Irish chefs, it’s a real cookbook for real cooks and it’s so much more than a ray of culinary hope for those accustomed to the restricted renal diet. But most importantly, it’s a powerful reminder to us all of the importance of carrying an organ donor card!" - Catherine Fulvio, Renowned Chef & Food Writer

"Truly Tasty makes real the vital injunction that one must “let food be your medicine”, and does so in a manner that unites the practical needs of kidney patients with the culinary aesthetic of a battalion of Ireland’s leading chefs. It is a book to inspire not just a sense of good eating, but a sense of true wellbeing. Brian Moore’s interviews with the chef-contributors reveal not just their passion for wonderful food, but also their passion to reveal the centrality of good food in a life well-lived." - John McKenna, Food Writer & Author of The Bridgestone Guides

"The last thing the sick need is a collection of drab underseasoned-dishes presented in a dull pictureless paperback. This book then is a novelty for this category in that it is a real cookbook. Twomey has approached leading Irish chefs and challenged them to provide recipes which are suitable for those suffering from chronic kidney disease. The result is a production profiling the chef and presenting attractive, enticing pictures of recipes which anyone would be happy to eat." - Sally Hughes, Books for Cooks

"A refreshing and joyful approach to good food for people who find themselves on a restricted renal diet. This counter-top bible, designed for the whole family... packed full with delicious, user-friendly recipes, simply and clearly explained." - Orla Broderick, Food Writer

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